Frequently Asked Questions

About Techo

Q: Do you have any certification of your products ?
A:Yes, our products have CE, CUPC, WARS, ISO, WATERMARK certification etc, some of them have already got the certification.

About Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

Q1: How about the warranty of your products ?
A: 1 year warranty for the product.
Q2: How is that nothing happened when I tried to activated the sensor?
A: Please make sure the battery case and the sensor are connected. Please make sure the batteries in the case still have power.
Q3: The wheel rotates,the chain moves but no flush,why?
A: Please make sure the wheel and the flapper is properly connected. Please check whether the chain is too long.
Q4: The wheels touches the flush valve when rotating.
A: Please put the sensor more fare away from your flush valve.
Q5: The sensor works.But the water is too weak to flush thing away, why?
A: Please check whether the chain is too long. Adjust the flushing time.
Q6: The sensor won't work when I wave my hand above it.
A: Please adjust the sense range. Make sure that indicating sticker that sticked on cover of the tank is locate right above the sensor in the tank.
Q7: Why the toilet flushes the moment when I sit on it?
A: Did you leaq back and bumped the tank cover? Any movement in the sensing range of the sensor will activate it.
Have you put the pads on the corners of the tank rim?The pads help to stabilized the cover and minimizing flushes caused by movement of the cover.